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A refreshing shower can wash away all your stresses

The Shower Bath offered by us is a great value buy for your bathroom. Considering the decorating aspects, it will enhance the usefulness of your bathroom. This product of Crystal Bathroom is appreciated by almost all the house owners in Ireland.

It is configured with all the necessary aspects that are capable of making your bath refreshing and more enjoying as well.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

  • The Shower Bath is intelligently equipped with high-quality materials.
  • The products are also comprised of waterfall lunar and a thermostatic mixer.
  • While having shower, you can manage the control of hot and cold water.
  • The interior of the shower is also decorated with all the necessary essentials like; one speaker, mirrors, shelves etc.

All these exclusive attributes are put together in the Shower Bath, supplied by us so that you can make the most out this product.

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Mira 9944 165x85 Steam
price: 2590.00
Mira 9944 165x85
price: 2390.00
Mira 9944 145x85 Steam
price: 2190.00
Mira 9944 145x85
price: 1990.00