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Whirlpool baths - Bring a small piece of heaven in your bathroom

All the bath and bathroom accessories at Crystal bathroom are attributed with great style and contemporary design. More so, the high standard of quality and equipments allow you to enjoy a luxurious experience.

Whirlpool Bath, available at Crystal bathroom is a great instrument to install in your bathroom. The product is comprised of high-quality materials along with high-end finishing. It is absolutely scratch resistant and constructed for a long term use.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

  • Our Whirlpool baths are available in variety of shapes, sizes and configuration. Severe premium models are also available at Crystal bathroom to offer you the best convenience.
  • All the baths are made with high-quality materials that are perfectly efficient to offer quality along with luxury. More so, these are featured with extra thick acrylic with high gloss and non-porous acrylic as well.
  • We have whirlpool bath models that are comprised of passive warm air induction system. It is effective enough to circulate the heated air.
  • You can enjoy a nice bath with Jacuzzi radio, color therapy, ozone disinfection. Nothing additional is required!!

All these attributes of our whirlpool bath ensure the optimum satisfaction.

Enjoy the benefits of Hydro Massage with our Whirlpool Bath

The acceptance of such massage is massive for the human physique. Get familiar with some of the qualitative attributes of the Hydro Massage so that you can make the best of our whirlpool bath.

  • Such massage has positive impact on the skin and it helps to maintain better skin-tone.
  • It will enhance the Oxygen circulation into the body.
  • The cells of the human body persuade the process of rejuvenation.
  • Such hydro massage can be an ample treatment for cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders and skin problems.

You can avail all these advantages of a whirlpool bath by purchasing any of the varieties of this product.

Different variants

Here, at Crystal bathroom you will get quite a decent assortment of this bath fitting, namely; Majorca 659, Verona 680, Sigma 640, Sevilla 667, Imperia 610, Havana 603 Heater etc. and all the different variants of this product are designed with necessary features. More so, each of them has some unique, effective specification as well.

Crystal Bathroom is one of the leading online bathroom appliances suppliers on the internet. We offer a wide range of bathroom appliances like Baths, Showers, Hot Tubs, Saunas, Swim Spas, Whirlpool Baths, and Showerbath. We offer great discounts on our products. Browse our categories to find out the best appliance that fit your bathroom. We aim at changing your bathing experience. We have products for all kinds of requirements. Identify your requirements and shop with us.

Samara 601
price: 1990.001490.00
Samara 601 Heater
price: 2190.001590.00
Carmen 655 Right
price: 1590.00
Carmen 665 Left
price: 2130.001590.00
Creative 631 Left
price: 2060.001450.00
Creative 631 Right
price: 2060.001450.00
Tiga 603
price: 2070.001520.00
Ramzes 634 1680x850
price: 1890.001350.00
Flores 602
price: 2060.001480.00
Creative 631 Right Heater
price: 2260.001650.00
Sevilla 680
price: 2690.001890.00
Sigma 640
price: 2130.001550.00
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