Month: November 2014

Whirlpool baths – Sevilla 667 Heater – An ideal alternative for vigorous bathing

Bathroom has long been used as one of the disregarded places of any house which was often deprived from any gorgeous design or color. Most of the house owners kept their bathroom out of any decoration. But now the scenario has changed with time. Today bathroom is given equal importance like any other places of any house and it is now proved that a well-decorated and designed bathroom can surely become a place of attraction. But there is another aspect of this place as well. Unlike any other place of the house, this particular area is closely attached with the all the house mates.


The bathroom is a place for relaxation. After the end of a tiring day in the office or a heavy work out at the gym, you come back home with all your energy immersed in the work place. Now you need some refreshment and only a hot water bath can provide that. A few minutes of bathing and you will be able to re-energize yourself. You will then be able to get back to your normal life with new energy and vigor.


It goes without saying that proper bathroom appliances can provide you a better bathing experience and also can enhance the elegance of this place. Different kinds of bathroom appliances are now available and you have a wide range of options to choose from. Whirlpool bathsmay prove to be a great option for energetic bathing. The demand of whirlpool baths is augmenting among the house owners for its natural advantages. It works as a spa bath and offers massaging relaxation to the users.


It consists of various air jets and water jets that provide a good flow of water and a feeling of massaging. It comes with numerous physical advantages as well which is why it is not only used for relaxation, it is used for health benefits as well. This bath is available in different sizes and shapes for one person; two person etc. There are corner bath as well to make the optimum use of your bathroom space.


Verona 667 Heater



If you want to buy whirlpool baths, you may visit our website for the best bathroom appliances. We provide a wide range of whirlpool baths. Two Person Baths – Whirlpool baths – Sevilla 667 Heater is a great option for large sized bathrooms. It’s a two person bath made of high quality acrylic. It comes with the advantage of Ozone sterilization, water circulation, hot and cold water control, option to change the intensity of the water, multifunction showerhead, electric leakage protector, 10 air jets and 14 water jets etc. In a word, you can expect all the possible advantages that any baths can provide.

Enjoy an invigorating bath with whirlpool baths at your bathroom

Decorating the bathroom is one of the key aspects of house decoration. House owners often don’t bother about the beauty of this place but there is no confusion that a nicely decorated bathroom can increase the gorgeousness of any house. This is a place where we spend time to relaxing ourselves. But for optimum relaxation proper bathroom accessories are equally important along with proper design of this place. And one of the most important bathroom accessories is baths. Different kinds of baths are presently available in the market which not only increases the elegance of your bathroom; it increases the comfort level as well.

Among many kinds of baths, Whirlpool baths are gaining popularity for its easy and convenient use. Apart from enjoying an invigorating and relaxing bath, it also provides the option for massaging and increasing therapeutic advantages. It is quite similar to the spa bath but there are differences as well. This bath is like the other conventional baths but there are a number of air and water jets which provide a feeling of relaxation and massaging in the body. Like the other conventional baths, it can be filled up with water and after the use, the water can be drained outside of it.



This kind of bath was first introduced few years ago for the common use but because of the high price and less availability, these baths were only used in the spas and hotels. But now with the advancement of technology, whirlpool baths are available at a great price range which is affordable by all kinds of people. Moreover, the options for purchasing such baths have become wider. Today people can choose and buy their preferred baths from online without any problem.

Power Shower, a better effective shower than Electric

The importance of a nice and warm shower at the very beginning or at the end of the day is immense. Apart from the context of relaxation, such shower bath is also very vigorous for human health. A hot water shower in the morning can set the tone of the entire day. It helps to reduce the stress and tension from the body and provides a nice and refreshing feeling. Different kinds of ways are there to enjoy hot shower in the bathroom and the two most common ways are Electric Shower and Power Shower. There are disagreements regarding the effectiveness and power consumption of these two types of shower. Therefore, here we will discuss about the advantages of these showers as well.

Firstly, have a look at the electric shower. This may be a good option for enjoying a warm and refreshing shower but the experience is surely not as good as with power shower. Electric shower heats up the water instantly but this results in a poor water flow during the bath. The average water flow of an electric shower is around 7 to 8 liters per minute which is almost half of the water flow of a power shower.

On the other hand, Power Shower comes with numerous positive advantages that make the bathing experience more pleasant and invigorating. Let’s have a look at the features and functionality of power shower.

Unlike electric showers, power showers don’t heat up the water instantly. Rather, the water is heated from another source like gas boiler. There are two pipes attached with this shower. One is cold pipe that plumbed directly from the water tank and the hot pipe is plumbed directly from the hot boiler. This facility allows power shower to maintain a good pressure of the water. The average water flow of this shower is 14 to 16 liter per minute. This provides an awesome feeling of bathing to any user.




There is a common misconception that is often heard that the electric consumption of an electric shower is much less than that of a power showers. This is completely a baseless rumor. It is proven that the energy consumption is almost same for both these showers. So, if you are planning to buy an electric shower only for saving the electric bill, you will make a great mistake.

Power Showers are available in various contemporary designs that definitely increase the aestheticism of your bathroom. So users not only get to enjoy a great quality showering, they also can enhance the artistic appearance of their house.

Irrespective of the design of your house and the place available in your bathroom, in any situation, power shower is the best bathing option for anybody. It is much more effective and cheaper at the same time. For different designs and affordable power shower you can check by clicking here.