Month: April 2015

Install Tamara 9938 and make your bathroom luxurious

You must know that in these days shower is one of the very common bathroom appearances. And most of the house owners install various kinds of showers in their bathrooms. In one side shower can enhance the elegance of the bathroom and on the other side users can take a comfortable shower bath. If you want to improve the appearance of your bathroom by installing fashionable shower then you must buy Tamara 9938 from Crystal Bathroom.




Crystal Bathroom is one of the famous bathroom appliances manufacturing companies and this company sells their products through the internet. Tamara 9938 is one of the showers’ models, manufactured by Crystal Bathroom. As we know that shower provide us clean and comfortable bath. Furthermore the features of this model provide us many benefits. So before purchasing let’s have a quick glance on the features of this shower model.


  • 1 water controller
  • A foot message device
  • 4 acupuncture jets and 4 side jets
  • 1 head shower
  • Shampoo and bubble bath container
  • Tempered glass
  • High quality electric leakage protector
  • 5mm sanitary acrylic
  • Ventilation tube
  • Folding seat etc.

If you are interested to buy this type of shower then you must visit the online showroom of . Here you can get this bathroom appliance at an affordable price.