Month: May 2015

Whirlpool baths – Tigra 604

Enhance the supremacy of your bathroom with Whirlpool bath

Bathing should be an enjoying experience at your bathroom. It needs to be relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating. In order to fulfill this purpose, the house owners like to install various types of accessories and equipments in the bathroom. There are plenty but, you need to be precise while selecting the items for your bathroom. The very first concern is the space of your bathroom. If there is enough free space in there, you can think of installing few necessary types of equipment. But, under any situation, you shouldn’t make any compromise with the free space in your bathroom and make it look messy.




If you really want some exclusive treatment in your bathroom and make the place looks like a small spa in the house, you can consider installing a whirlpool bath in there. There are various models available of the same and you can opt for the preferred one. There are few exclusivities of this bath such as; these are available in three prime variants namely; one person baths, two person baths and corner baths. You can utilize the any of these according to the inner space of your bathroom. Aside from that, the products are good looking. You can consider buying the Whirlpool baths – Tigra 604. This is a very powerful and effective model with 1 air pump and 1 centrifugal pump. The engineering of the product is really superb and effective and it comprised of 26 air nozzles at the bottom. It also has 6 large chrome water jets with 8 hydro jets back message. The other design and decoration is also very powerful and effective. The design is really attractive and to speak the truth, it will really enhance the supremacy of your bathroom.  So, without wasting a single time, buy this multipurpose whirlpool bath from crystal bathroom.

Brandon’s Story on Choosing a Bathroom which is Exceptional rather than Conventional




Hi friends, this is Brandon, a private business owner in Ireland. Recently, I have shifted in Dublin with my wife Samantha. We’ve purchased a house over here and my wife has decorated the entire interior. It looks magnificent.

We were looking forward to make a comfortable living here and the interior is designed that way. As such we had no preferences but we wanted a smart presence of the house. The rest of the parts were OK but both me and my wife were bit concerned about how to decorate the bathroom. Initially, our target was to make it exceptional than the conventional appearance. Basically, we were out of ideas about how to elevate the attractiveness of the place and provide a pleasant appearance to it. It was clear in our mind that we didn’t want to install the same, conventional accessories in the bathroom. Smart and innovative accessories were very much needed to make the place modern and effective as per the purposes.

Exclusive and branded bath and bathroom accessories are available at Crystal Bathroom and we contacted them after getting suggested by one of our native friends. The company supplies all kinds of effective and stylish bathroom accessories in the entire Ireland and that made our job easier. We have installed few of their products like; two person bath, steam shower and sauna in our bathroom and now the place appears like a small home spa! It is the most relaxing place in the entire house.

One enticing attribute of the company is that all their products are of the supreme quality and great engineering more so, all of those come along with easy installation guide. We shortlisted the products by going through their website and then simply ordered those on the website. It’s really superb that all the accessories were delivered within a week and those were packed carefully. The most relaxing fact is that, all their products are certified by CE and ISO and we have also got service warranty of 24 months. We have also received quality servicing of the products. All I can say to all the Irish people is that if you want to make your bathroom a stunning place in the house, give a visit to crystal bathroom.

The most exclusive look of your bathrooms needs Crystal Bathroom appliances

Unlike the old days, the process of house decoration has gone through a massive change lately. House owners across the world now care for the slightest aspect when it comes to design and decoration. And how can anyone left bathroom out of this process. Bathroom is no longer just a place for bathing; this has turned out to be a place of attraction in any house. So, mediocre design and decoration of this place doesn’t work these days, it requires something extravagant and this can only be achieved through high end bathroom appliances. Imagine a well-equipped bath tub is placed in the middle of your lavish bathroom. The vision itself yells the aristocracy.




But the right decoration requires the right appliances. And you cannot compromise with this aspect. Ireland is one such country where the demand of bathroom appliances is going through a significant increase. Many companies are offering world-class appliances at the most attractive price range in this country. One such store is Crystal Bathroom. This store is located in Ireland and specializes in selling high-end bathroom appliances. Ranging from different kinds of baths like one person, two person, corner to showers and other imperative appliances everything is available in this store. Many of the bathrooms in Ireland are decorated with the crystal bathroom appliances.

The best aspect of this store is that you can buy their products from anywhere in Ireland from their website. You can study the features of their products and get to know how those can improve your bathing experience. You can also learn the prices of the products. Everything is very transparent. You just need to choose your product and make the payment. That’s it. So, what are you waiting for, give your bathroom the most exclusive look.

So, bring some high-end bathroom appliances for your bathrooms in cheapest cost price in Ireland from products will be delivered with in three to five days soon after placing ordered.

Whirlpool baths- Malaga 679

Did you know about Malaga 679?

Do you want to decorate your bathroom with various kinds of bathroom appliances? If yes then you should install fashionable bathtub in your bathroom. In one side bathtub can enhance the elegance of your bathroom and on the other side bathtub provides comfortable bathing experience to the house owners. At present many house owners install whirlpool bath in their bathroom. Like those house owners if you also want to decorate your bathroom with whirlpool bath then you should buy whirlpool baths- Malaga 679 from Chrystal Bathroom.




Chrystal Bathroom is one of the famous bathroom appliances manufacturing companies. This company provides high quality bathroom appliances to their clients at an affordable price. Malaga 679 is one kind of whirlpool bath. This kind of bath has many features and these features are very useful for the human being. Let’s have a quick glance on the features of Malaga 679

  • High quality chrome jets and spout
  • High quality acrylic sanitary
  • One air pump and one centrifugal pump
  • Water controller
  • Ozone bath
  • Water circulation
  • Electric leakage protector
  • Water intensity switch
  • Digital control panel
  • Handset shower and headrest
  • 8 water jets and 27 LED

Hope, this article will help you to provide proper information about this kind of whirlpool bath. And for more details of whirlpool bath and useful bathroom accessories go through Remodeled your bathroom place with this kind of quality accessories  and enjoy the bathing experience.