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Power Shower, a better effective shower than Electric

The importance of a nice and warm shower at the very beginning or at the end of the day is immense. Apart from the context of relaxation, such shower bath is also very vigorous for human health. A hot water shower in the morning can set the tone of the entire day. It helps to reduce the stress and tension from the body and provides a nice and refreshing feeling. Different kinds of ways are there to enjoy hot shower in the bathroom and the two most common ways are Electric Shower and Power Shower. There are disagreements regarding the effectiveness and power consumption of these two types of shower. Therefore, here we will discuss about the advantages of these showers as well.

Firstly, have a look at the electric shower. This may be a good option for enjoying a warm and refreshing shower but the experience is surely not as good as with power shower. Electric shower heats up the water instantly but this results in a poor water flow during the bath. The average water flow of an electric shower is around 7 to 8 liters per minute which is almost half of the water flow of a power shower.

On the other hand, Power Shower comes with numerous positive advantages that make the bathing experience more pleasant and invigorating. Let’s have a look at the features and functionality of power shower.

Unlike electric showers, power showers don’t heat up the water instantly. Rather, the water is heated from another source like gas boiler. There are two pipes attached with this shower. One is cold pipe that plumbed directly from the water tank and the hot pipe is plumbed directly from the hot boiler. This facility allows power shower to maintain a good pressure of the water. The average water flow of this shower is 14 to 16 liter per minute. This provides an awesome feeling of bathing to any user.




There is a common misconception that is often heard that the electric consumption of an electric shower is much less than that of a power showers. This is completely a baseless rumor. It is proven that the energy consumption is almost same for both these showers. So, if you are planning to buy an electric shower only for saving the electric bill, you will make a great mistake.

Power Showers are available in various contemporary designs that definitely increase the aestheticism of your bathroom. So users not only get to enjoy a great quality showering, they also can enhance the artistic appearance of their house.

Irrespective of the design of your house and the place available in your bathroom, in any situation, power shower is the best bathing option for anybody. It is much more effective and cheaper at the same time. For different designs and affordable power shower you can check by clicking here.