Whirlpool baths- Malaga 679

Did you know about Malaga 679?

Do you want to decorate your bathroom with various kinds of bathroom appliances? If yes then you should install fashionable bathtub in your bathroom. In one side bathtub can enhance the elegance of your bathroom and on the other side bathtub provides comfortable bathing experience to the house owners. At present many house owners install whirlpool bath in their bathroom. Like those house owners if you also want to decorate your bathroom with whirlpool bath then you should buy whirlpool baths- Malaga 679 from Chrystal Bathroom.




Chrystal Bathroom is one of the famous bathroom appliances manufacturing companies. This company provides high quality bathroom appliances to their clients at an affordable price. Malaga 679 is one kind of whirlpool bath. This kind of bath has many features and these features are very useful for the human being. Let’s have a quick glance on the features of Malaga 679

  • High quality chrome jets and spout
  • High quality acrylic sanitary
  • One air pump and one centrifugal pump
  • Water controller
  • Ozone bath
  • Water circulation
  • Electric leakage protector
  • Water intensity switch
  • Digital control panel
  • Handset shower and headrest
  • 8 water jets and 27 LED

Hope, this article will help you to provide proper information about this kind of whirlpool bath. And for more details of whirlpool bath and useful bathroom accessories go through crystalbathroom.ie. Remodeled your bathroom place with this kind of quality accessories  and enjoy the bathing experience.