HARVIA Steamer 2kW AUTOMATIC, Steam Generator

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Steamer Automatic, steam generator

This Steamer automatic steam generator is an independent, additional element of a standard electric furnace.


Sauna Steamer creates conditions suitable for a softer and wetter bath in the sauna cabin.


The steam generator is safe and easy to use. Just fill the tank with water and turn on the power.


It produces steam after just 10 minutes. If you need to keep the humidity high in the sauna, lower the temperature.


The generator can be connected to installations in already existing saunas.

Automatic models require a water supply and a shut-off valve. 2 kW power.



Power- 2 kW

Dimensions: width 340 mm

Dimensions: height 680 mm

Dimensions: depth 95 mm

Weight 6 kg

Supply voltage 1-phase 230 V 1 N

3 x 1.5 mm 2 power cord

Fuse A 1 x 10

Water tank capacity 5.5 L

Evaporator capacity approx. 2.5 L/ h

Min. Filling quantity 2.0 L

Max. Filling volume 5.5 L


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