Multi-drive HARVIA – extension for generators

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Multi drive Harvia – extension for our generators

Multi drive Harvia – an extension for our generators what this means, namely one control panel can support up to 4 steam generators connected in series, with the use of our generators of different types.


  1. Connect the control panel to the steam generator at the beginning of the series.
  2. Connect the temperature sensor to the first steam generator. It is possible to connect additional sensors (one for each steam generator) to increase the accuracy of temperature measurement and the system’s resistance to damage.
  3. Connect the generators using the cabling supplied with the device.
  4. Specify generator order numbers. Use numbers from 0 to 3


The Harvia generator is easy to install. It does not require any additional fastening devices.

It is also easy to maintain and has a stainless steel coating.

Access to all replaceable parts is also easy.

The Harvia generator is operated by the controller.

The controller is easy to use, it is large display and simple menu.


Price includes:

  • steam generator
  • controller
  • temperature sensor
  • steam jet – 1 item

WIDTH 600 mm

HEIGHT 155 mm

DEPTH 320 mm

WEIGHT (empty water tank) 9 kg

WEIGHT (full water tank) 13 kg


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