NOVITEK 12kW, Steam Generator

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NOVITEK 12.0 kW steam generators

Novitek steam generator for sauna and steam room 12.0 kW – Steam produced: 16 kg / h

Quality, reliability, durability – these are the criteria by which our generator was designed. All metal components are made of high quality stainless steel, which eliminates the corrosion problem known from other steam generators. Heating elements are heaters made of one of the largest producers in the world, made of high-quality, thick, twisted pair that, if used properly, will withstand many working hours. Devices covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and full service. The steam generator works well in public places such as a hotel, guest house, SPA facility, sauna club, but also in a home steam room.


By choosing that steam generator you ensure peace and security:

1) The quality of the materials used allows long-term use of the steam room – our product is a durable device, contrary to current trends.

2) The use of treated water guarantees a virtually maintenance-free process of steam production, guaranteeing trouble-free operation without fear of a forced break in the operation of the sauna in a hotel, spa or at home.

3) We are constantly working on improving our devices to make them even more reliable and offer greater ease of use.


All components used to build the steam generator come from leading European manufacturers. There are no compromises!

The steam generator is operated by the controller, which must be purchased separately.

The generator has seven power options:


3.4, 4.7, 6.0, 7.7, 9.5, 12.0 and 14.0 kW


The outlet pipe should have 3/4 inch (22 mm) diameter.

Water fed to the generator should have a temperature between 3 ° C and 60 ° C. Warmer feed water will result in a lower energy cost for producing steam.


Steam generators can be combined without restrictions into one steam system using a common controller.


Formula for calculating the power of the steam generator

Steam room volume [m³] x K 1 x K 2


K 1 = 0.75 for ventilated baths

K 1 = 0.52 for not ventilated baths

K 2 = 1.00 for acrylic walls

K 2 = 1.25 for walls made of styrodur plates + tiles or mosaic

K 2 = 1.50 for concrete walls + tiles or mosaic

For example: a bath with a capacity of 12 m³, ventilated (0.75), acrylic walls (1.00) according to the formula: 12 x 0.75 x 1.00 = 9

Therefore, a steam generator with a minimum power of 9.0 kW is necessary

It should also be remembered that the capacity of the generator also depends on the electrical connection. The given powers determine the generator’s power when connecting three-phase current (3 x 230 V)

12.0 kW generator power

  • bath volume (depending on ventilation and bath walls) from 6 to 18 m³
  • type of power supply 400 V – 3 N
  • weight 15 kg
  • dimensions – height x width x depth 450 x 210 x 400 mm


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