PALIO 0313, 1350x1350x530mm

2,600.00 2,290.00



Dimensions: 135 x 135 x 53 cm

Number of seats:

Headrests: 1

Coating: acrylic

Massage function: yes

– Large water jets: 4

– Small water jets: 5

1.0 HP water pump: 1 

SPA light: 1, underwater

Ozone generator: yes

Profiled bottom: yes

Drain plug: yes

Control panel: yes

Radio, loudspeaker: yes

Multifunctional hand shower: yes

Mixer: yes

Anti-shock switch: yes

The Control panel supports all functions in the bathtub, starting from pumps, ozonation, lighting, radio, and ending with the heater.

Radio, loudspeakers – while taking the water and air massage, you can listen to the radio. Each of our models is equipped with such a receiver and speakers.

Ozone generator – a unique program that sterilizes the water to clean both the bathtub and the water. It is a new and fast way to remove bacteria, algae, etc. Water jets aeration – this function is to add air to the water circuit. The effect of this process is to increase the intensity of the stream, similar to a tap with an aerator. This type of hydromassage has a perfect impact on the skin, improving its blood supply.

Bathtub lighting is a perfect solution, giving a fantastic experience and creating a romantic atmosphere. Our lighting changes colors smoothly, or it can retain any color, giving you even more whirlpool pleasure. In addition to the light, the SPA bathtubs are equipped with optical fibers that enhance the massage experience—color types: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, and white.

Color therapy is an unconventional method of treatment that exposes the sense of sight of a given person to the appropriate colors that soothe, relax or stimulate. When different colors surround you, you can have more energy and optimism.

• CE- This Cert means that this product conforms with the essential requirements of the applicable EC Directives
• TUV – Technical Approval of Independent Certification Body
• Cleaning system – OZONE DISINFECTION built-in!
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