Sapphire 520A

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Taps included

Type: Free-standing

Material: Acrylic

Height: 650mm

Width: 800mm

Length: 1700mm

Capacity: 175 l

 The set includes:

* a modern overflow with a siphon

* click clack stopper

The thickness of acrylic in our bathtubs is 4-5mm

* 100% acrylic without ABS admixture

* reinforcement plate with a thickness of 12mm

* Strengthening acrylic with glass fiber + resin

* another layer of fiberglass with resin

The acrylic bath does not absorb the ambient temperature, which makes it always pleasant and warm when touched by the body.
Thanks to this design, the bathtub is very strong and can easily hold a weight of up to 500kg.

Stable bathtub construction thanks to the stainless steel frame (the frame is embedded in the bathtub, you do not need to screw it down as it is in cheap bathtubs) on which there is a bathtub + six adjustable feet so that you can easily level the bathtub! The bottom of the tub is stiffened with an additional reinforcement plate, 12mm thick, so that the bottom of the bathtub does not bend under the weight of even two bathers. An additional advantage is sound absorbency, when pouring water into the bathtub we do not hear the characteristic noise from the pouring water.

Our free-standing bathtubs are made of white sanitary acrylic and reinforced fiberglass, additionally has an Anti-Wipe coating. Each of our bathtubs is a combination of modern style with maintaining the comfort of use at the highest level. The surface of the bathtub is perfectly smooth, without any traces of porosity, which makes it very easy to clean. High quality sanitary acrylic perfectly insulates heat and makes the surface shows good protection against dirt and pollution. The oval shape of the bathtub allows optimal use of space while maintaining maximum comfort during bathing.




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