TYLO Steam Generator 24kW -AUTOMATIC

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Steam generator

This steam generator is a fully automatic, high-performance steam generator with a large water tank, making it an ideal device for public steam rooms, where work is required for several hours a day, non-stop.

Steam generator requires connection to electricity and water.

This steam generator is made of high quality materials with a large water container to ensure the continuity of steam production in public baths.


High performance that steam generators are designed to meet the requirements of public utilities, hotels and gyms. Under these conditions, steam generators often have to operate 24 hours a day, so the time spent on cleaning and servicing must be kept to a minimum. That’s why operational reliability is an absolute priority and we have selected the best materials and components available in every that type steam generator.


Extraordinary operational safety thanks to the electronic water level sensor, energy cut-off in the event of low water level, built-in safety valve and maximum temperature control. Always the right amount of steam to produce, regardless of water quality or level.


Intelligent control panels with functions such as: remote control, programming any temperature variability, energy-saving power consumption mode, weekly timer with long-term programming function and emergency battery supply.


Practical functions such as an electromagnetic valve with an easy-to-clean filter.

Invisible – for example, in a well-ventilated cabin or engine room above, below or on the same level as the steam room. (maximum distance: 15 m).


Easy installation – the steam generator can be built into the wall or placed free-standing on the floor.


Low energy consumption – energy-saving power consumption mode ensures constant bath temperature, continuous steam production and quiet operation.


Built-in overall operating mechanism – automatic flushing and filling without any visible impact on performance, even if the water quality in the container deteriorates.

Anti-limescale electrodes easily accessible under the cover at the top of the steam generator.


Welded water tank – easy-to-use design of the highest quality stainless steel with replaceable heating elements.

Steam generator power [kW] 24
Min-max. lightweight steam room with ventilation [m ³] 28-40
Min-max. capacity of a light steam bath without ventilation [m ³] 38-50
Min-max. heavy steam room volume with ventilation [m ³] 18-30
Min-max. heavy steam room volume without ventilation [m ³] 28-40
Insulation class IP 45
Steam production [kg / h] 32
Maximum distance from the steam room [m] 15
Width [mm] 615
Depth [mm] 445
Height [mm] 485
Type of supply 3-phase

Control panel for steam generator (optional equipment)

  • exchangeable heating elements resistant to rust and acid
  • electrodes resistant to lime deposits
  • welded water tank, made of stainless steel, equipped with replaceable heating elements
  • Fully automatic tank filling, emptying and rinsing functions

Steam generator features and equipment

  • operation via electronic control panels (optional equipment)
  • variable power system, thanks to which a constant temperature is maintained during bathing, and electricity consumption is reduced to a minimum
  • can be installed on the wall or on the floor, max. distance from the cabin 15 m