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At Crystal Bathroom, we supply high-quality bath and bathroom accessories, including the Hot Tubs. The Hot tubs are a great addition to baths for gaining whole-body massage, hydrotherapy, and relaxation. The Hot tubs supplied at our online shops have the following features:
• Made up of supreme quality acrylic material from the USA
• The water jets are made of Acrylic that renders long-lasting service
• The bath is designed for providing complete satisfaction and comfortable massage
What distinguishes our Hot Tubs from the competition?
* Unique design, quality and precision in every detail of the Tub, the best materials and components from the USA: Acrylic Aristech Acrylic (antibacterial), Balboa control or Canadian company Gecko leaders among the manufacturers of controllers around the world.
* Diversified and unique massage stations so that each user can find something for themselves. A physiotherapist designs a set of nozzles and their size to reach the places we want to massage and provide the right message for each part of the body.
* Rigorous and thorough Hot Tub production tests allow you to minimize any problems while operating the product in the future.
* Standard equipment: seven-colour LED lighting, air jets, a large number of massage jets and a variety of sizes, strong water pumps and air, energy-saving circulation pump, powerful 3KW water heater, full thermal insulation of the Jacuzzi basin with 25-30mm thick PUR foam, aromatherapy, aeration of water jets of each station, ozonation, polymer floor plate. Check what you can still choose additional options for your SPA.
* Automatic time filtering of your Hot Tub using a circulation pump and filters, the ability to set two modes of water cleaning: morning and evening at any hours, and even the length of the filtration cycle.
*Gecko Depot or Balboa Water Group -World leaders of control systems for Hot Tub.
– Full control of all functions
– Sun resistant
– Waterproof and durable
– Easy to use

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